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      Jing'an Hi-Tech held quality development training



      With the continuous development of the enterprise, young employees will play a vital role in the development of the enterprise. In view of the current shortcomings in the work of young employees in terms of communication and collaboration between departments, employees, etc. As for the company's work deployment, on October 20, the company organized all the college graduates under the age of 30 and the team leaders of the production line to go to Jing'an Jintian Longxiang Scenic Spot for a one-day quality development training exercise. The content of this event is rich and varied, including high-altitude Myanmar bridge, united will, tram, CS field battle, graduation wall, etc. In the activity, each team member can go all out to complete the coach's requirements and tasks, and use experience and inspiration as an educational method. The training that employees participate in will become an unforgettable experience for them, so that the profound truth and meaning of each series of activities can be realized. Concepts can be firmly rooted in the subconscious of each team and each member, and can volatilize due utility in future work cooperation.

      By effectively expanding the potential of young employees, enhancing team awareness, team spirit and team cohesion, improving young employees' leadership awareness, management ability, and execution ability at work, eliminating mutual obstacles, and improving mutual understanding and trust. Understand each other, eliminate communication blind spots, make communication smoother, have the courage to take responsibility at work, share resources and information between teams, break through psychological limits, dare to challenge themselves, and strive to build an efficient work team through running-in and practice , so as to stimulate the team's higher work enthusiasm and drive for innovation and make the team more cohesive.



      Relaxing mood, Lilian team Jingan Hi-Tech held quality development training



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